G.M.P. – Gym Metabolic Passive

Let your body sweat with G.M.P!

“Passive Metabolic Gym” (G.M.P.)

What is it?

Although this machine looks like a tanning cabin, it is one of the best and easiest way to reduce stubborn and unwanted fat.

G.M.P. is different from the typical steam rooms and saunas because instead of heating the body indirectly. The heat energy from the G.M.P. machine penetrates into the body to at from the inside out and is able to warm up the body by 35 ° F (2 °C).

Once it is absorbed, it circulates throughout the whole body and bloodstream.

With this cellular activity, the sebaceous glands are activated, the metabolism is reboosted and the body temperature decreases.

This processes that lasts 35-45 minutes allows for the release of water and burns calories.


Lose between 800 and 1,000 calories

1- Detox  – 35 minutes
2- Slimming – 45 minutes

Along with a healthy diet and exercise the G.M.P. machine can offer detoxification, relaxation and a slimming effects helping you achieve your body and health goals!




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