Soothing Sunburned Skin

All of us love soaking in some sun and adding a little color to our skin. Although this is not the healthiest and safest way to get color, we have all pleaded guilty to the over exposure and the sunburn that comes with it. We highly recommend for everyone to use SPF or creams with SPF on a daily basis and take extra caution when at the beach or doing outside activities but if you still get sunburnt here are some tips to help!

Open Up The Medicine Cabinet 
– Take some pain relievers like ibuprofen or aspirin which can be easily found over the counter. By taking these medication you will help reduce the swelling and inflammation of the tender skin and reduce the pain as well.

– Applying a topical anti-inflammatory cream will also help soothing your skin a great deal. A cortisone cream is great to apply to the affected area in order to reduce the pain and swelling. A natural option would be aloe vera or try a DIY option by crushing up some aspirin and adding a little water until a paste form which can be applied to all affected areas.


– Take a soothing bath with some cool water which will ease the pain and stop your skin from peeling


– If your skin is starting to blister, avoid showering and opt for baths to prevent the premature popping of the blisters

– Use gentle soaps and cleaners and only where needed

Be Gentle 

– Pat dry the skin on both the face and the body with a towel

Remember the more gentle you are the less likely your skin is to peel

Stay Cool

A good option to soothe peeling and irritated skin apply some cool compresses

-Apply a cool compress directly on your skin for around 20 minutes to stop peeling and help soothe the skin

Do not apply ice directly on your skin, direct exposure to ice will cause further irritation. 

Drink Up

-Stay Hydrated

Help your skin repair itself from the inside out by keeping yourself hydrated, at least 1.5 liters a day (This will also help your skin from peeling)

Stay Covered 

Press pause on the sun rays and keep your skin covered and make sure to not forget the SPF of 50 or higher!


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