Controlling Your Summer Shine – Oily Skin

Summer is approaching, and with it comes the sun, heat and humidity. For those of us with oily skin, summer is a time of hardship and terrible makeup. But do not worry, keep reading and find out all the Sevmylook approved ways to maintaining your shine in check this summer!

Over Cleansing 

Those with oily skin tend to over cleanse their skin thinking it will help remove the excess oil. However, the more you cleanse your skin you are also stripping away the natural oils your skin produces making your skin in turn produce more oil! Make sure you use gentle cleansers in order to not irritate your skin. Cleansing your face twice daily is more than enough and always make sure to remove all your makeup!

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Do Not Skip the Moisturizer!

Although this sounds crazy and counter-productive, skipping this essential step even with oily skin may be harmful. When the skin lacks moisture, excess oil will start to produce making up for the lack of moisture. By keeping you skin healthy and hydrated you will in turn combat the production of excess oil. We always recommend to use an oil-free and light-weight moisturizer and to never forget the SPF! A good tip to always follow is to let your moisturizer set into the skin for a couple of minutes before starting your makeup routine.

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Try Clay Masks

Masking once a week is a great way to balance your skin, calm and soothe it and remove any excess oil.

Stay Away From Dairy 

Unfortunately, dairy may be a major cause for hormone imbalance when consumed. Hormone imbalance can cause excess oil and sebum production (the natural skin lubricant) among others. Try switching to  dairy-free products like soy or almond milk, and vegan options for cheese, yogurt and your other favorite treats.

Prime Your Face

With or without oily skin, a primer is essential in your makeup routine. Especially of you have oily skin, a oil-free mattifying primer will help your makeup stay and look phenomenal all day long. Using a mattifying primer will help you avoid the needed reapplication of makeup throughout the entire day. Using a good mattifying primer will help control the shine all over your face, not just on the t-zone.

Bake & Set!

Setting powder is your friend! Make sure you always “bake” your makeup, under the eyes to avoid creasing and around your T-zone do decrease shine. And never forget to set it with a setting spray, our favorite is the Make Up For Ever – Mist & Fix Setting Spray!



Blotting Paper!

Blotting paper is an essential tool to keep in your makeup bag when you have oily skin! Especially over the summer when we are all prone to some extra oil on our T-zone or even all over. Keeping some blotting paper on hand will help maintain a polished and shine free look throughout the entire day!




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