Perfecting Your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin and implementing a good skin routine is essential for healthy and youthful looking skin. However, no matter how many expensive creams and serums you use if you are not using them correctly the results will be subpar and your money will be wasted.

The golden rule to follow for product use is light to heavy. Apply the lightweight formulas before the heavier formulas in order for the skin to better absorb the product. It also helps to take a couple of minutes between each step in the application process so your skin will get the full benefits of each cream and serum.

Follow this our Product Application Step by Step to achieve the best skin!

Step 1: Cleanser
Remove the dirt and grime from the day, this step is crucial to let your skin breathe and prevent pimples and premature wrinkles.

Our favorite is the coconut-based cleansing oil by Filorga Skin Perfusion

Step 2: Toner
A good toner will remove any impurities not caught by your cleanser, tighten your pores and restore your skin’s pH levels. Used consistently, this will even help evening out your skin tone.

Step 3: Spot Treatment
If you have any trouble spots or pimples use the your favorite spot cream to treat these areas so your skin can fully absorb it and get all the nutrients.

Step 4: Serum
Next, apply any serums you have that target your specific skin needs such as wrinkles, dry or sensitive skin.

Our go to for Oily/Combination skin is the: Filorga Skin Perfusion BD-Balance Serum

Our favorite for All Skin types is the: Filorga Skin Perfusion C-Light Serum

Step 5: Eye-cream
In order to tighten, brighten and reduce puffiness and provide some extra moisture incorporate a good eye-cream into both morning and night routines. Apple gently with your ring finger to avoid extra pulling on the fragile skin and prevent future wrinkles.

We love the Filorga Skin Perfusion HRX- Eye Cream

Step 6: Moisturizer
This essential step cannot be skipped! Once you find a good moisturizer for your specific skin needs the results will be unimaginable. Remember hydration is the key! Also make sure your water intake is high and your skin will thank you.

Here is our most loved creams for every skin type:

Dry Skin – Filorga Skin Perfusion 5 HP Youth Cream

Sensitive Skin – Filorga Skin Perfusion B3 Recovery Cream

Combination Skin – Filorga Skin Perfusion 6 HP Youth Cream

Step 7: Face-Oil
This step although optional this step will give your skin an extra boost and a deep hydration and repair the skin. We love to use Organic Rose-hip oil or Sweet Almond Oil which can be used on skin, hair and nails and smells fantastic!

Step 8: SPF
During the day putting on SPF is the most important step! Rain or shine, during every season this step is crucial to protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Since this is your last step it will not hinder any of the other products applied to penetrate and hydrate the skin. Make sure you always apply this last as a protective barrier on your skin.

We love: Filorga Skin Perfusion E-Youth 50 Sun Cream

Once all these steps are done and followed through you can start your make-up routine or keep it natural! Remember hydration is the key! Your skin is the human body’s largest organ and we need to take extra good care of it! Follow these skincare routine steps for beautiful & flawless skin!

All of the Filorga Skin Perfusion products mentions in this article can be found in our E-Shop for your easy access!

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Posted on August 14, 2018

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