Why Moisturizing Matters

The largest organ in the human body is the skin, and maintaining our largest organ supple and healthy is a journey that starts from the inside out.

There are several factors that may affect your skin: stress, lack of sleep, the environment, eating habits and your liquid intake. But do not worry, your Sevmylook Team is here to give you every tip and trick to follow for flawless skin.

> Beauty Sleep Matters
The prime amount of time we need is around 7-8 hours, of deep sleep. Deep sleep or “restorative sleep” allows your body to recharge, rest and keeps your whole system in check.

> Stress Levels
Although this seems almost trivial, stress plays a major factor in the way your skin is and how it reacts to everything around it. Find your stress triggers and attempt to eliminate them in healthy way. Try meditating, yoga or working out that way you can get a good sweat and detox your entire body.

> The Environment
Find out what triggers any skin allergies, go to your dermatologist and analyze what your skin needs. And remember to never leave the house without any sunblock on!

> Eat & Drink
Along with multivitamins and other supplements, eating a well-rounded diet is the key to healthy skin. Keep your whole body hydrated by drinking minimum 2 liters of water, and try to stay away from anything that makes you retain water and swell like caffeine and alcohol.

Proper hydration and nutrition will make your skin look healthy, soft and supple. Keep in mind that you can also give your skin a helping hand with a great moisturizer that will aid, soothe and minimize any imperfections. Along with a good diet, consistent use of moisturizer has proven to be extremely beneficial to the skin in the long term particularly for anti-aging (for men and women alike).

Your Sevmylook Team also recommends for you to see a professional minimum once a month, to get a facial, remove any imperfections, give your skin a deep hydration such as phototheraphy treatment (featured image) and prevent anti-aging!

Remember, take care of your skin now, so your future self will thank you.

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Posted on June 27, 2018

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