Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs !!! What is it ?

Unattractive and sometimes painful, ingrown hairs affect both women and men. By recognizing their presence, you can intervene …

Séverine Formal (expert in cosmetic and make-up care)

Séverine, explain to us what an incarnated hair is?

The incarnated hair, originally, is a hair like the others. He does not become “incarnated” until he can not cross the dermis and continues to grow under the skin causing the formation of a red button or an abscess in the most critical cases .

The persons concerned with the appearance of ingrown hairs, are persons with thick and curly hairs; characteristics of the hair having difficulties to pierce the skin.

In which region of the body are most often located?

Ingrown hairs occur mainly in areas that are subjected to shaving or hair removal, such as the face and neck in men. In women, they often appear in the legs, pubes and armpits.

Are we predisposed to have them?

Everyone can have ingrown hairs, you are all the more concerned if your hair is curly and thick, because a hair that frieze will have more difficulty piercing the skin.

Does dry skin promote the appearance of ingrown hair?

A very dry skin makes it difficult to pass the hair through the epidermis. The accumulation of dead cells on the skin due to lack of exfoliation contributes to the presence of ingrown hairs. Cleansing the skin with irritants or rubbing it with force can cause irritation that can benefit the development of ingrown hairs.

How to cure it?

· Moisturize your skin daily.

· In case of depilation or shaving (exceptional), prepare this step by scrubbing the area concerned the day before and then moisturize.

· Good hygiene. Clean your skin with a mild soap,

· Change shaving with every shave

· If you can not avoid shaving or hair removal, keep the sessions to a minimum. Give your skin a break whenever possible.

· Lectures of phototherapy by leds immediately after the shaving or depilation makes it possible to control the inflammation and avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs. This care is to repeat after each depilation or shaving

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