Your makeup for the holidays

Your makeup for the holidays

The end of year celebrations are just around the corner. This is the opportunity to bring out your best dress for the occasion. You’ve already thought about outfits, shoes, accessories and hairdressing. Only, you have forgotten a detail that is important: makeup. Indeed, what is the best way to sublimate your outfit while highlighting you? Have a nice makeup. In this case, which makeup to choose for the holidays?

Hunt the natural, he returns to gallop

Just because it’s the holidays that you do not have to take care of your complexion and to start your makeup, you will first have to opt for a natural complexion. In this way, your makeup will be highlighted and you can let go on the eyes and mouth. So, to have a perfect and natural complexion, you just need to use a foundation or a tinted cream to apply it uniformly all over your face. But be careful, choose your foundation based on the complexion of your skin or you will not have a natural result.

Now we go to the eyes and to the mouth

After having worked your complexion, it is necessary to pass to the eyes and to the mouth. And precisely, this is where you will be able to let your imagination and your creativity speak. Generally, when you wear makeup, you must put your eyes forward and opt for a discreet mouth or the opposite. But for the holidays, you can indulge in all the eccentricities. So, first of all, we opt for a smoky eyes for his eyes. It will sublimate your eyes in an intense and captivating way. The advantage of smoky eyes is that it is very easy to reproduce at home.

For the mouth, we choose a sublime and intense red. What’s better than a deep red to cover her lips? But leave aside your favorite gloss because it will not last long and leave traces on your glass of champagne (not very glamorous!). Prefer rather long-lasting lipsticks or lipsticks.

Add a touch of fantasy

As this makeup is for the holidays, you can add some fancy touches without falling into childish and too kitschy makeup. This year, the big trend is glitter! So dare this little fantasy that it is on your face, in your hair, on your cleavage or on your eyelashes. Of course, do not fall in total glitter look otherwise you will shine more than your tree. Apply a few touches without too much and do not forget that the makeup for the holidays also goes through the manicure. So take care of your nails and give them a beautiful manicure with glitter and pretty colors.

Now, with your brushes! Be the most beautiful for the holidays with your pretty makeup and your best outfit.

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